Why Business Cards Still Matter


The business card is simply not dead.
Business card remains a useful tool for personally connecting with prospects, customers or clients, fellow business owners and promoting your brand, despite advances in technology and the rise of social media networks like LinkedIn.
The Importance & Purpose of Business Cards

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines a business card as, “a small card bearing information (such as name and address) about a business or business representative.”
From this definition alone, you know a business card is a concrete way of sharing your business information, such as your company name, address, telephone number, email address, and web address (URL) with others.
Who Uses Business Cards (and Why)?

  • Those Who Don’t Own Smartphones
    While this is a high percentage, not everyone owns or wants to own a smartphone. The reasons vary from no interest to any need for distractions, to low technology skills, to a preference for old-fashioned communication.
    What does this mean for you?
    You need traditional ways to convey your business contact information to these non-smartphone users.

They Enhance the Legitimacy of a Business
Interested in knowing what people do before buying products and services from an unfamiliar company?
They verify the legitimacy of the business. And to verify, they look for concrete details:
• Who you are
• What you can do for them
• Where you’re located
• How to contact you
How Are Business Cards Being Used Effectively?

  • They Help Businesses and Brands Develop Human Connections
    Connecting and exchanging information through digital channels is now easier and faster than ever. But, a downside exists: there’s no way to participate in true, trust building conversations with others. There’s no way to establish a personal connection.
    Handing out your business card, though, is a good way to develop human connections. It gives you a way to continue the conversation with people interested in what you do. People you’ve already engaged through interesting small talk and eye contact.
  • They Are a Powerful Tool for Building Brand Awareness
    When you’re building your business, branding should be part of its long-term strategy. Here’s why it should: because it helps prospects and customers remember your business and your offerings.
    Though online networking and promotional opportunities have increased significantly in this advanced digital age; business cards still remain relevant in the growth of businesses.

By Henry Fan



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