Dabira Woman spotlight: July Business Feature



Talking about Nigerian women that have built a successful career looking above any form of setback then Yewande Zaccheaus is one of them. She is an award winning entrepreneur, a role model and mentor, and the founder and chairman of Eventful Limited. She studied law in her university days and practiced law for 18 years and also worked as a banker.

Mrs Yewande has both local and world recognition as a successful career woman. She overcame gender and societal barriers to become successful. She decided what she wanted to become in life at an early stage of her life, and she diligently went after it.

Driven by her passion for event planning, she left the corporate world for event management and started her company Eventful Limited in September 2022. She is also a writer and have authored books like God’s waiting room and others.

Yewande Zaccheaus will say, “Success is different for every individual and everyone have to identify their path and follow it.

She encourages career women and women in business to deliberately take time off to rest and spend time with their family for reconnection and guide. She’s been recognized for her exceptional and exemplary works.



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