Health and Skin Benefits of Orange Peel


You’ll agree with me citrus fruits, have an amazing health and skin benefits. Orange peel has a wealth of vital nutrients and other wellness-promoting compounds. It helps in weight loss, can fight cancer, can be added to smoothies and many more. Before you toss out the most nutritious part of the fruit- the peel!

See below the few shocking benefits of orange peel that can improve your health and skin in no time.

1. Helps in Weight Loss

One of the key reasons why people dislike orange peel is because of its bitter taste, but this peel acts as an excellent weight loss aid, as it contains good amounts of fibre and is low in calories. It adds bulk to the food and thus, helps in lowering the overall caloric intake, thereby aiding weight loss. It also exerts anti-obesity effects by suppressing weight gain by the body and formation of adipose tissue.

2. Can Fight Cancer

Orange peels help slows down growth of cancer cells. In fact, orange peels can reduce the number of squamous cell carcinoma, a fatal type of skin cancer. People who consume orange peels on a regular basis have less chances of being diagnosed with lung cancer and skin cancer than those who only eat the orange inside.

Perhaps some of the most fascinating studies have looked into the citrus peel’s anticancer properties. Researchers have found that the polymethoxyflavones (PMFs), a type of flavonoid found in peels, act as a protective agent in fighting off cancer cells. PMFs seem to prevent carcinogenesis by blocking the metastasis cascade (spreading to other organs) and reducing the ability of cancer cells to move through the circulatory system.

3. Add to Smoothies

Orange peel contains a larger amount of the very same vitamins and nutrients found within the rest of the orange. The best way to enjoy the peel without having to deal with the bitter taste is to wash the peel thoroughly and then throw it into a blender. Add your favorite berries for a nutritious smoothie.

4. Keeps Inflammation Away

Chronic inflammation is a major cause of various degenerative diseases, including cardiovascular diseases, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, and cancer. Again, the flavonoids in the orange peels are the true stars here. They can easily permeate through membranes. This is called “bioavailability” and it’s inspired researchers to study the potential use of flavonoids in the prevention and treatment of various diseases. One notable thing they’ve found is that these flavonoids in the orange peel can act as an anti-inflammatory drug.

5. Acts as a Natural Skin Bleach

Vitamin C, present in orange peels, acts as an effective and safe natural scrubber and bleach for skin. The peel extract, when applied with curd or milk can lighten dark blemishes and spots on the skin. You can also rub the peel directly on the skin or use diluted pastes to prevent skin burns and remove sun tan. It also helps tone the skin, protect from harmful sun rays and cleanse pores naturally.


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