Who Do You See Behind Your Own Mirror ?


as I woke up this morning, I beheld myself in the bathroom mirror. With thoughts of my write up on my mind and the topic ringing in my head, I asked myself, “What do you see and what do others see?” Who is this person starring back at me in the face? What are her potentials? Is there a beauty inside of her? Can others around her see what she is seeing? Or, is it just a mere reflection? (So, perhaps she can just turn her back, walk away and forget what she has just seen?) The statement in brackets suggests that the reflection should not be caught forgetting its’ owner.

My dad several times told me of a lion who was co-habiting with goats. Expectedly, it ate what they ate, was equally as stubborn and sluggish, and would in fact bleat like them. On a certain day the herd, (a group of goat is called) went to the river to have a drink. Only then, as he looked into the river, he saw his reflection and noticed he was very different from those he drank with.

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Very surprised, the lion was in deep thought, which left him even more confused. After a while, it suddenly dawned on him that he was different. At that point, he let out a big roar, more out of anger than anything else, and scared the remaining goats. It was then he knew how different he was from the goats and so he decided to take a walk into the jungle to discover more of him.

“It is time women get their confidence and self esteem back. “

Many women are yet to discover themselves. Some never do till they depart the surface of the earth; others do but at a very old age. I want to encourage you to explore. Now is the time to discover who you are. Teach your younger ones, including your daughters, to start doing the same. They need to know who they are on the inside and the outside.

I often hear things like, ‘How I wish I could look like …, have the backside of…, speak like… or even do the things that … do’. Yes, it is a good thing to aspire to have or be like someone. But, come on woman, you are unique! Your Maker saw you and called you good, even when no one around you thought so. It is time women get their confidence and self esteem back.

ican tell you that once a lady does not know who she is, everything around her is affected. Her work, relationship with her friends, business, spiritual life and most importantly, her marriage. A woman must be able to look at herself and feel good about who she is. She must be able to “touch up” areas that need the touch. She must be confident about her outside, spending time to take care of what others see.

Someone might be thinking: but it is carnal to concentrate on one’s outside and not the inside. Let me start by saying that what attracts a buyer to a product is the packaging; the outside must look good before the buyer may consider the contents. So, in as much as you are good-natured and have a kind heart, a loving character and everything that makes you complete as an ideal woman, you also need to nurture the body God has given you.

A woman must be confident about her looks, spending time to take care of what others see.

Do not get me wrong, I am not advocating that you adorn your outside and neglect your inside. But believe you me, if you feel good about your outside you will make double efforts to ensure your inside complements or is even better than your outside.

My point is, once you know you have the inside sorted out, make effort on the outside. That may just be the reason that man is coming back home late. Unfortunately, men are attracted first to what they see! Let me give you a few examples on the importance of outward beauty:

“once you know you have the inside sorted out, make effort on the outside “

When Abraham’s servant saw Rebekah, we are told she was beautiful to behold. This was before he had spoken to her and before she had gone to the well to unknowingly showcase her character. Esther, we are told, was a very beautiful and lovely girl. Yet it is written that she spent 12 months receiving beauty treatment. Naomi advised her daughter in-law, Ruth, to take a bath, put on perfume and dress in her nicest cloth before going to Boaz’s threshing floor.

No doubt, these women we read about have outstanding characters. But their physical beauty got them noticed first.

some women complain that they do not feel sexy anymore and that they suspect their husbands are having affairs. I’m amazed! Why? Because women, and I speak now to the married ones, once they get married feel that is the end – mission accomplished – ‘I have him and that is all that matters.’ But I have got news for you: do you know that apart from you, there are six other women outside who will do anything to have that man you call your own? So, you need to sit up and work on getting him back to you.

Here are some tips if you are that woman I have mentioned above. do the following:

  • Take a good look at yourself in the mirror, speak to who you see positively. You can be all that you want to be everywhere you are. Whatever it will take for me to achieve who I want to be in my home and my environment, I will do it.
  • Go get yourself pampered; a good massage will relax you.
  • Get that manicure and pedicure done.
  • Start with a few exercises, gradually cutting down on those unhealthy meals that make you feel too heavy to perform your room duties
  • Get that hair done.
  • Pimp that wardrobe (you can start by throwing away those lingerie you have had since you started wooing your guy). Get some sexy new ones.
  • Clean that kitchen
  • Tidy up that room (change those sheets), add some color and smell to your home
  • Before he comes home, prepare that meal and then take that shower, after which you can relax with that women’s book and the very Word of God.

“apart from you, there are six other women outside who will do anything to have that man you call your own

I believe these tips will be helpful in helping you get your groove back. Once you have done all these and many others not listed, take a look again in that mirror and ask yourself what and who you see.

ibet you now see that achiever, that woman who once had no self esteem, no value for herself, but whose story is different now. If this is true, I look forward to hearing from you how this has helped.

And hey, for all the single ladies out there, these are tips on how to keep that man when you get him. Bear in mind, please, that some of these tips are strictly for the married women. To make that man find you, watch this space as we continue to explore the woman in the mirror.


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