The Cost of Failure and the Price of Success


Do you know the price of success? Have you ever paid the cost of failure? Which price are you paying presently?

The cost of failure is always higher than the price for success. The cost of failure in a relationship, job, career or any area can cause a great deal of disruption and chaos in one’s life. Here are just a few for examples, the need to:

* Take cognizance of your environment
* Reduce your living standards.
* Do a to-do-list
* Choose your friends and not the reverse
* Have an unwavering resolution to succeed
* Manage the stress or pain

Sooner or later each of us must choose to pay the price of success or pay the cost of failure. On several occasions some people paid it, due to immaturity, arrogance, ignorance or stubbornness, Although, there are lessons and learning in failure there is a better way to learn and that is from O.P.E. (Other People’s Experience). You can read the books people have written about their struggles and lessons and what they learned. You can save a lot of time, energy, expense and trouble if you are willing and able to learn from O.P.E. You can meet people for lunch who are where you want to be or are doing what you want to be doing and learn from them. You can study the lives of people who have passed on and learn from their lessons.

Yes, sooner or later we are all going to fail at something. If you never fail you are playing far too safe for this lifetime. If you live on the edge of life, I guarantee that from time to time you will take a miss-step or stumble. But, always remember there can be learning and growth in the failure. Failure is there because there is no way to truly enjoy the thrill of success unless you have something to compare it to.

What is the price of success?

It is doing what is right, necessary or required in a job, relationship or career. And it is doing it with love, positive expectation, joy and gratitude. It is doing it with consistency, integrity, passion and commitment.
And you might experience;

* Late nights
* Early mornings
* Very few friends
* Feeling overwhelmed
* Questioning your sanity
* Being your own cheerleader

If you compare the ultimate cost of failure with the price that is required for success I guarantee you there is only one obvious conclusion you can come to and that is, no matter the price of success, it is always less than the cost of failure.

It would appear that some people would prefer to continue to pay the cost of failure rather than pay the price for success. Why is this?

* Some people are just unwilling to pay the price of success.
* Some people never understand the difference between the price of success and the cost of failure.
* Many people feel that luck will carry them through.
* Many people feel entitled to success without having to pay the price.
* Some people like the drama and trauma of the consequences of failure.
* A great many people have been programmed for failure by their environment.
* Most people are unwilling to study the laws of success and then routinely implement them.

Do you know the price you must pay for success? Are you paying it consistently?


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